"I believe that if an angel were to wing his way from earth up to Heaven, and were to say that there was one poor, ragged boy, without father or mother, with no one to care for him and teach him the way of life; and if God were to ask who among them were willing to come down to this earth and live here for fifty years and lead that one to Jesus Christ, every angel in Heaven would volunteer to go. Even Gabriel, who stands in the presence of the Almighty, would say, 'Let me leave my high and lofty position, and let me have the luxury of leading one soul to Jesus Christ.' There is no greater honor than to be the instrument in God's hands of leading one person out of the kingdom of Satan into the glorious light of Heaven."--Dwight L. Moody

Stacey's Page

February 5, 2013

It is absolutely wonderful here!  The food is incredible (if it's not fiery hot), the kids are amazingly lovable and the country is - well - unpredictable to say the least. 

This year Mrs. Waid has asked me to teach math to the third grade class every day.  I am absolutely loving it and working with Papri (the third grade teacher) is sooo much fun! Teaching over here comes with its challenges - one of which is the kids have no math books, only notebooks in which they write down problems that the teacher has written on the board.  There is also a huge problem with cheating in the classroom. I have been searching out ways to minimize the cheating that goes on by giving each one a different problem to work on or giving a penalty when I catch them secretly showing their answers to each other.  I can usually tell who copies who's work when I see the same wrong answer written down by several kids!  Nevertheless I love it and the kids enjoy it especially when they get candy for singing their multiplication tables to me!

One of the highlights for me this year has been saying good night to the kids.  Usually I start with the boys, and I have had sooo much fun showing them short sections of Kids' Time and Tiny Tots episodes to them that I have downloaded to my ipod.  It is sooo cute to see the little boys imitating what they see or singing along with a song that is familiar to them! Every night after worship they come up to me and grab me saying, "Remember - you PROMISED!"  After I finish saying good night to the boys, I head over to the little girls' rooms.  When I walk into the toddlers rooms I peek inside the door saying "Goodnight" and immediately I hear, "Stacey, Stacey, Stacey!!!!!!!!!!!", And then I have to go in and give everyone a hug and exchange good night kisses. It's priceless!!!!!!!

We are not able to go very far away from the campus here because of the hartals (strikes) and demonstrations that have been going on all over the country, so we are not able to go down South this year.  It was a disappointment for sure, but God has a reason for everything he does - he makes no mistakes!  We may end up doing our program  next week for a boarding academy not to far away from here.

Except for the appearances of a few sniffles and coughs, we are all well and happy! Please continue to pray for us as we are here that we might have an impact on these kids and that we will be kept from any danger.

Blessings to everyone! I'm looking forward to sharing our experience when we get back:)!

A picture especially for Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez :)!
(They were sooooo excited and had sooo much fun!)


January 13, 2013

God is sooo good! Just imagining the laughter and the exitement of the kids when we arrive is an incredible thought! I think I will end up in tears when I see those precious little ones again!

We have been very busy these past few weeks trying to get things sorted out so that we can pack them away. We've done everything from gluing and tying to cutting and bagging and we are still at it!  We are dong our best to get everything done by the time we leave!

We took many videos while we were there last time and I love to watch them over and over reminiscing about the wonderful times we had there. Yesterday I watched some of them again with mixed feelings - of sadness that I'm not there - yet joy that I was able to spend one of the best months of life there! Love is the best gift that God has given to man, first in Jesus Christ, and second, in Him shining through His children, and as someone recently reflected, anywhere you go, there is always someone else to love.  Sometimes it seems hard to go for the ache you know will come when you have to part, yet the joys that come with giving out a little bit of your love to everyone you meet completely goes beyond any heartaches that come through separation, and we know that someday we will never part again!

I can't wait to throw my arms around all those precious little ones at Bangla Hope!

Please continue to pray for our preparations!


  1. Hi Stacy, How is the "around the world" traveler doing? Stay healthy--those orphans need a friend like you!!!!! What language do they speak? Do any of the children know English? Wow! What a special experience. Keep us posted.
    Grandpa and Grancy

  2. Hi Stacey! I like the picture on your page; you've grown a lot since we saw you last! We are praying for your efforts, and we know those you help will be blessed. . .so will you, and so will we, by hearing about it.
    Renee, Wayne, & Emily

  3. Stacy, this is Wanda Wahlen from church. God bless you all, we love and miss you. Looks like you are doing a wonderful job at Bangla Hope. Look forward to your return.

  4. Hi Stacey! I'm glad your VBSs went well last week! So have you picked out the kids you want to bring home? ;) I'm so glad you're having fun with the kids! :) I miss you and I'm praying for you! Happy Sabbath!
    Love, Sarah

  5. What a special time you are having, Stacey! I wish I were there with you. Give the kids a hug for me. I've been praying for you and your family and I hope things will continue going well.

  6. Sounds like you're having a lovely time! I wish I could come and tell the kids good night-it sounds very special. Maybe someday. Glad you're still safe at the orphanage. Perhaps that is where you can make the greatest impact this year. Blessings! Love you lots!

  7. I am glad that you are having fun and sharing God's love with all the little ones. We will pray that you stay healthy!